About us

π“¦π•–π•π•”π• π•žπ•–!
My name is β„‚π•™π•£π•šπ•€ and I live in the Netherlands.
Currently I own 3 Shelties, Butters – Duke & Lily.

I grew up with Shelties and my mom got our first Sheltie when I was 10 years old. Our second Sheltie followed 4 years later.

When I was 23, I purchased my very own Sheltie from the famous ‘Peerielee Shelties’ in Australia. I just immigrated there and mrs. Long had one puppy boy available. I did not have any wishes and just wanted a Sheltie that I could love as a pet.
My mom taught me the importance of buying from
a responsible breeder.
After I got my dear Butters, I started reading more and more about different breeders in Australia, because I always knew I wanted a second Sheltie. That’s when I learned that Shelties in America looked a lot different than the ones in Australia & Europe.
I fell in love with American Shelties!

When I got back to the Netherlands, due to unforeseen circumstances, I started searching for a second Sheltie from American bloodlines. In the meantime, my mom got a new FCI type Sheltie. He grew up very nicely and I showed him for her. This was getting us very interested in breeding & dogshows, we started getting involved in 2011.
Visiting more dogshows and talking to more breeders, only made me more convinced I wanted to get an AKC type Sheltie!

My first dogshow in 2011!

I tried & tried to get a Sheltie from American bloodlines in the Netherlands, but there simply weren’t any that I liked. There were a few combinations with American bloodlines, but those Shelties were so moderate that you couldn’t even tell they were from American bloodlines. I was looking for the real deal! Eventually, I discovered that breeders in Poland were mostly using real American imports. I signed up with Monika from Casiditeam Shelties for an upcoming litter, I wanted a female, but there was already a long waitinglist for females. Since my mom and I always had males before, I decided I wanted a male from this litter, as I had first choice for a male.
That’s how Duke came in to my life!

With Duke my love for American/AKC type Shelties grew even more, so much so I almost got a female a year later. But then I had to decide that my living circumstances were not suitable for another dog and I had to put my plans on hold…
In the years to come the American bloodlines were disappearing even more in the Netherlands and it became my dream to be able to provide in the obvious need for American Shelties in the Netherlands. I got loads of messages from people looking for an American Sheltie in the Netherlands after getting Duke, that I noticed that lots of people actually like American/AKC Shelties.

In 2017 we moved to a big house, with a big garden and not long after that I saw a puppygirl available, only 4,5 weeks old. Her father is from the famous ‘Laureate’ kennel in Canada and was exported to Germany. The Laureate bloodlines would ensure that this girl would be of true AKC type and the dam to this puppy was from the same breeder as my Duke, Casiditeam Shelties. Lily turned out everything I hoped for, her head is so typical AKC type. Ofcourse she has an amazing bodystructure which gives her excellent movement, like Americans are known for!
With her I feel like I can start a future in breeding American/AKC type Shelties in the Netherlands!

While my focus is on American/AKC type Shelties, I still show my mom’s true FCI type Shelties with lots of pleasure. I can truly see the beauty in a nice FCI type Sheltie and I love how both can be so different.
It’s all about respecting both types for me and see the beauty and qualities in both!